28 June 2008

Introducing Amelia and James

Exciting news came for me yesterday when I received an email from Sandy at The Craft Barn. The samples of my stamp designs for their Kadoodle range had arrived and I was asked over to pick up my set! It seems the launch date for this series of six has been brought forward to 1st August and I'm to demonstrate them a week or so after that.

So, over I went today to find that Carole Cann was demonstrating them with a 'make and take'. It was quite a moment for me to see my designs, in rubber and in packaging with my name on it. I'm off now to get them mounted up on foam and make my first impressions even though I'd quite like to leave them alone in their packets for all time LOL! I have samples to make for the Craft Barn/Kadoodle blogs and I'd better get busy. I should be posting a sample or two tomorrow. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend.

Chris x


Taniaj said...

Thats my Birthday think I will have to treat myself Tx

Chris said...

Well, what a co-incidence Tania! I'll be needing to send you a card then LOL! x

Clair & Sharni said...

Chris these are brilliant!!...I've not been so keen on all these doodled people stamps that seem to be apearing a lot lately..But yours are really really good, so much more detailed than others that are around at mo! well done you! - it must be a fab feeling!!xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi fellow Kadoodler!! I finally found you. Your Designs look great and I love your fabulous cards. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to keep them in their packaging. Keep up the good work!! Sooo much talent. Congratulations!! Sandra x x