8 October 2009

Craft Barn 1st Birthday Prizes and What's on your work desk Wednesday

Hi everyone, I've just realised that I meant to post about this week's celebrations at the Craft Barn blog for their 1st anniversary of the Online shop. There are gorgeous prizes to be won but you have to solve a clue every day this week. Here's the information from the website but you need to go back in the posts to Monday to start with the first clue:


We have a week of celebrations, free UK postage has now finished but click over onto our blog and join in with our fun competition - 1st Prize is blog candy worth over £100 and there are two other prizes to win also.
On Friday to round off our week of celebrations we'll let you know about our special weekend postage deal for our customers based in Europe.
Are you ready for the first day of our competition ? Today, the featured products are the cute Brentwood owls, which are one of the latest stamp line we have added to our website.
Last week, I added the new Halloween and Christmas designs too, which are so cute!!
So here’s your first mission (if you accept it…  ): check out the cards below. Find the corresponding stamps on the website. In the description of one of those stamps, you will find the first letter. Just one letter, clearly marked Clue 1, in red.
Keep this letter, you will need it on Sunday. Do not reveal it below, but please, don’t go without leaving a comment about the lovely samples we are showing you today.
If you mention this competition on your blog, please let us know too"

Here's my very blurry 'What's on your Work Desk Wednesday' photo, I haven't joined in for the last couple of weeks as everything was exactly the same as the previous time :D but this week I have a slightly different mess from a slightly different angle :D and slightly more organised chaos! Just for Julia, the white alien isn't the mother ship or I would have already been beamed up in a bad way! So, nothing actually in the process of being made, just the bits and pieces I have there most of the time and the card from yesterday not put away. I've also got the infinity board for photographing my cards against on the table which I made at the weekend and it's turned out really well (the huge piece of card on the right). You can make one of these very easily, it only takes a few minutes, a huge piece of foam core board (roughly A2 is the size I bought), a matching size piece of thick paper or card, some ribbon, a ruler and craft knife. It makes such a difference to the background of the cards if you don't have a light box set up, as it gives that infinite background effect and no line where two pieces of 12 x 12 are propped up together which is the way I did the photo's previously. How long I'll be able to keep it clean is an entirely different matter but you can just change the card for a new piece when it gets mucky. I found the instructions on Stamp TV's Stamping Lifestyle magazine. If you look for the August issue with ththe camera equipment as the front page it opens up a PDF in your browser so I can't do a direct link to the actual article but it's easy to find if you just click on the issue.

See you later with my Colour Create card and sorry about an extremely long post today, if you made it to here.....I like you very much. TFL.


yvonne said...

I do love having a nose around craft spaces. It's not because we want to know who is the messy crafter , more on the ... what have you got,lol
Fab work space..

Julia Dunnit said...

Yvonne put it so well - it's all about legitimate nosiness! Your desk looks v interestingthis week..huge basket of punches back there...and what were you cuttleing? No doubt time wil reveal. .Love the infinity board, but hell, where are you gonna keep it??
AS for a long post - not long enough gal!

Fiona said...

Stunning artistry. Thanks for info on infinity board, will have to have a look at that. My photo's need all the help they can get.
Fiona x