4 December 2015

Work in progress


Hi everyone, hope you've had a good week. A bit of a different post today sharing a work in progress really but I wanted to join in with Kim Dellow's 'Show your face' link up, which I've been wanting to do for a while. As it happens I missed the deadline for the original link up I was aiming for but thought I'd post into the new link up anyway.

The theme is a face 'in the style of' and Kim has chosen the artist Leonor Finis, I liked the style of the artist, particularly her loose style of sketching and I loved how Kim's take on her style came out. I haven't used any watercolour, I noticed that LF had a lot of what looked like pencil sketch drawings on the dedicated website so I went along with that and sketched a face as you can see above.

I haven't drawn much for a long time but I enjoyed doing this. I left it part way through and it was interesting to come back to it, that's when I notice where things aren't right and there's a lot of that! I started to rub out the left eye which wasn't feeling right and now that I look again in fact that's the eye that fitted better into the face! :-) so even though I roughed out my face proportional grid before I started, it's easy to go off track. It's good to exercise the drawing muscles however and even though it's not finished and has gone further in the wrong direction for me to want to carry on it's good practice after so long and I enjoy the therapeutic side of sketching. Good to sketch into my art book too, I've been drawing more on my iPad app lately which has a completely different feel to it, very enjoyable but different.

I'm looking forward to joining in again when I can.

Chris x



Fiona said...

Wow Chris this sketch is brilliant.....you are so talented!
I should think sketching is quite relaxing x

Sandy said...

You are such a wonderful artist Chris. I enjoy all that you do. Your drawing is really nice - Pretty eye and shading.
Do you see all the people signing up for Life Book 2016!!!!!
Sandy xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

She looks beautiful so far!
Happy weekend!

whyducks said...

Very lovely work Chris x

Cami said...

Gorgeous sketching, Chris!

Kelly Neis said...

Your face is looking fabulous very realistic. I love this type of art, I struggle with it so I appreciate people like you who are able to draw like this. Cant wait to see it finished with the Chris spin on it!
Hugs Kelly

Julie Ann Lee said...

Great post, Chris. I love your sketch. The portrait is full of vitality. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your art. xx

Carol S. said...

Looks awesome so far. I could never get on with drawing faces. Animals, flowers and landscapes ok, people front on forget!! Hugs, Carol S.xx