23 January 2011

Pay it forward

Hi everyone, I hope your weekend was good. The above cute image was acquired from Susie Q as I've entered her 'pay it forward' and now it's my turn to pay it forward too.

I promise to send something handmade to the first five people who comment on this post. But if you enter you must post this too, and offer something handmade to another five people that comment on your blog.

The rules are that it must be something handmade or homemade by you and it has to be sent to five other people during 2011, so we all have plenty of time :D!

If you'd like to join in the fun, then be among the first five to post a comment and something handmade or homemade will be coming your way at some point this year.

I think this a very sweet idea and hope that five of you would like something made by me!


Sue from Oregon said...

Oh I hope I am a first 5!

Kathy said...

Hello Chris!! I just read your comment and seen you posted so I had to come over and WOW look what I found!! I would LOVE something handmade from YOU!!!
What a sweet idea this ~ first time I have seen it!!!
Everything is great here and have a fabulous week!

Laura said...

Hi Chris

I hope I make it into the top 5! I'll be sure to pay it forward xx


huntla1 said...

I don't have a blog so I am excluded, but I think that what you are doing is really cool!

scrappyjacky said...

Would love to do this with you,Chris....have recently posted 'pay it forward' on my blog....so does that count??

judith@poppy cottage said...

I hope I make number five, as I love your work! Judith xx

Maria Therese said...

Oh I would love something handmade from you :)

Renkata said...

Well that's seen like fun!

Mary Joyce said...

`looks like I am not in your 5 but spreading some love anyway. I however did post in mine and I am paying it forward also.

Mary Joyce said...

looks like I am not one of your 5, but leaving some love anyway. I posted on my FB and I am paying forward too.