21 October 2013

ThermoMorph - Product Review

Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. I have a tag and a product review to share today and in the spirit of full disclosure I was sent a pot of the product to try out in return for my honest review. 

The product is ThermoMorph polymorph moldable plastic granules which retails at £19.95 for a 500 gram pot here at Amazon More information on the company website here at Thermomorph.net:  

 Photo's above show my progress through the instructions for using the ThermoMorph granules. My immediate thoughts on looking at the product was how it would work in my papercraft silicon moulds and whether it would make a good and faster alternative to clay so that was my main test.

There were good, clear instructions which were easy to follow. I didn't have a thermometer to hand and had to guess the correct temperature for the water so it would be helpful to have one handy at the start. After waiting two minutes for the granules to soften into the molten state, I removed the plastic from the water with tongs and then eased it into my moulds when it was cool enough to touch. I imagine that with time I will become more adept at working quickly with the plastic, I found that it cooled quite quickly but it can be reheated, it can be used over and over again in fact.

I found that my deeper more solid shaped moulds worked best, the flowers were my favourites and the plastic caught every detail perfectly. I found my flatter moulds were harder to manipulate with the plastic but I'm sure I'll improve with practice.

I did try moulding some of the plastic around a small bowl but found it dried before I was able to completely mould it and this is probably the disadvantage because of the quick drying time.

The quick drying time however is a huge advantage for making papercraft embellishments which look just like the expensive resin embellishments that are currently very popular. I usually use the moulds with air dry clay which needs 24 hours to dry so the plastic is a fantastic fast and easy alterative to clay. I'm sure the plastic could be coloured but I didn't have any products at hand to try that out so I painted mine with Decoart paints and gave my roses a couple of coats in a mix of colours to give a good coverage on the non-porous plastic.

I didn't come up with any other uses for the plastic as far as papercraft is concerned apart from perhaps using it with texture treads or metal moulds as I think the plastic would take the patterns very well.

All in all a great product for making your own papercraft embellishments which is what I'll be using it for.

Chris x


Christina C. said...

Gasping.....omg.....this tag is incredibly gorgeous...phenomenal!!!!
Loving the elegant image and all the glitter. The flowers are absolutely spectacular.
I doubt I would get the same results....hahahaha

Elly said...

Yepp..i'm still breath taking!! (:o)

Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Chris! What a fabulous project! Love all the texture, color and shimmer!

Redanne said...

Hi Chris, the flowers you created look every bit as good as those on the market and I love the way you have coloured them. Your tag is just stunning! Hugs, Anne x

Gio said...

Your card is stunning, Chris.
It looks like an interesting products, of course we love new toys to play with !

rachel said...

a great looking product Chris and a well balanced review! Thanks xx

Kelly said...

I love your style, I need more postings from you, my addiction to your artwork was on detox! lol I adore your tag!!!! The resin roses are beautiful and look fabulous on the tag, I am glad you did the product review, I understand it completely. Wishing you well and your family!!
Hugs Kelly

Sandy said...

Your tag is beautiful Chris - Beautiful colors with a lovely shimmery effect. This company sure knew the right person to ask to make something!!!!

Danielle Champagne said...

Wow Chris! If I love your flowers, I certainly adore the elegance of the lady in the image! Love her "chapeau" and you have give the tone to this elegance, with the beautiful glitter and the gorgeous palette. Love all about your tag. Hugs.

whyducks said...

Wow Chris great tag, just got a pot and not had time to use it yet! But you have made a fantastic job with yours. x

Juls said...

love this!! & love the colours you have used!! Hugs Juls

Words and Pictures said...

Looks like a fab product - and what a wow of a final piece. The colours and sparkle are absolutely stunning. Love all your little moulds too... nice collection!
Alison xx