10 December 2016

PaperArtsy Blog Guest - Bleach

Hi everyone, I'm delighted to have a project on the PaperArtsy blog today and the above picture is a taster of a small step by step I've done for the current topic of bleach. I've used a lovely PaperArtsy Christmas stamp set by Claire Lloyd with bleach techniques for her clothes and also for the background pieces and stars.

If you haven't seen any of the guest posts on this topic so far I highly recommend you have a look as there are some very interesting ideas and beautiful projects.

Back soon,

Chris x




Clare Lloyd said...

It's gorgeous

7 KIDS said...

I love the bright and interesting background for her. Beautifullly colored Chris!

Carol S. said...

Brilliant picture and love the colours. I haven't used bleach for years! You have given me the urge again!! Hugs, Carol S.xx